A Beginning

David — August 19, 2010

We live in an age when the state frequently encroaches on our liberties. Our government bans smoking on private property, inflates our money (pdf), invades foreign nations, taxes our every action, forces us to license our firearms and prohibits peaceful people from ingesting certain substances. The majority remain silent. In Canada the masses stick to voting for one of the major parties who tend not to veer off the beaten path of heavy state intervention.

The Victoria Libertarian Book Club was formed in January of 2009 in response to our current state of political affairs. Although we have our roots in Ron Paul’s 2008 run for the US Presidency we always try to bring the libertarian lens onto Canadian issues and more specifically those issues that affect Western Canada.

We spend our time reading fantastic books, and talking about issues that matter to libertarians in Canada. This is our attempt to take some of our ramblings online. If you would like to follow along with our readings feel free to join our meetup group.

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