Top 3 Canadian Libertarian Sites

David — August 30, 2010

Canadian libertarians have few options when it comes to reliable, consistent Canadian journalism with a libertarian perspective. Unfortunately most national and provincial newspapers lean towards a statist mindset. One exception to this rule is the Financial Post. Despite the Post’s position on the war in Afghanistan, which we regret, it tends towards free markets and limited government.

Here are the three best Canadian libertarian sites. Add them to your RSS reader and stay informed of Canadian national news from a libertarian perspective:

3. Financial Post

Financial Post Logo

The Financial Post is one of Canada’s leading national financial newspapers. It is now part of the National Post and has been so since Conrad Black purchased it and rolled it into a new national newspaper focused on small government conservatives. The Financial Post was chosen specifically over the National Post because its authors lean towards libertarianism and they always have even prior to the Black purchase.

2. Le Québécois Libre

Le Québécois Libre Logo

Le Québécois Libre (QL) continues the grand traditional of classical liberalism which can be traced back to its parent country: France. Québécois Libre is owned and published by Martin Masse. It is mostly written in French but 25% of it is in English. It accommodates a wide variety of opinions from small state libertarianism to anarcho-capitalism.

1. The Shotgun Blog (Western Standard)

The Western Standard Logo

The Western Standard is a Calgary, Alberta based libertarian web magazine. It has its roots in the Alberta Report which closed shop in June, 2003. The Shotgun is the name of the Western Standard’s blog. It is the antidote to the soft socialism that plagues Canada. Outspoken and brash it has a uniquely Albertan style. Every province could use a blog this punchy and straight talking.


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