Long Gun Registry Saved by a Vote: Sinister Forces at Work?

JMaddock — September 22, 2010

Canadian gun owners and sympathetic libertarians are undoubtedly frustrated by the sheer closeness of today’s vote on a private members bill to kill the long gun registry. A Liberal motion to quash said bill and save the registry passed by 153-to-151 — the closest margin possible without a tie.

The driving factors behind this: Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff ‘whipped the vote’ forcing all of his MPs to toe the party line, while NDP leader Jack Layton strongly suggested that his elected members get on board with his pro-registry position in this nominally “free vote.”

The end result: all the Liberals and exactly the right number of Layton’s henchmen voted to save the registry. But in reality, this vote might not be as close as it would seem. If the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition had needed to muster another vote, I’m sure another of the handful of NDP dissenters would have magically “seen the light” and changed positions.

Like dangling puppets on a string, all of our elected representatives seem to be bought in one way or another. This vote demonstrates that they answer to shadowy politicos pulling the strings within the big parties, who can literally determine the outcome of a motion in the House of Commons, right down to a single vote.

Whether they admit it or not the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois are already united as a silent left wing coalition, intent on killing any vaguely libertarian legislation that comes out of Stephen Harper’s government. Meanwhile, the Liberals at least, can be counted on to either support the Conservatives or abstain whenever Stephen Harper trots out some tough new “law and order” bill that restricts our civil liberties or compromises our privacy.

Canadian politics seems to be based on an unspoken agreement between the big parties to gradually expand the size of government and restrict individual liberty. It’s a sad state of affairs which begs the question, who’s really pulling the strings?


mary lowther says

Stephen Harper a Libertarian? Ha, he’s all for sending federal monies to corporations and if that’s not redistribution of funds from the workers to the wealthy, I don’t know what is. It’s the reverse of what federation stands for. Also, instead of being up-front and honest about bringing in this bill to deregulate long guns as the leader of the Conservatives, he’s hiding behind a private member’s bill so that if it loses his party won’t face a confidence vote.
Methinks that Conservative members probably voted as a bloc, too.
The use of inflammatory language such as referring to honorable people like Denise Savoie as a “henchman” simply because she disagrees with you is unfair. The long gun registry is supported by more than 60% of the population and our elected representatives are mostly representing us, at least the 51% are.
Obviously the 9% who supported the bill need talking to.

— September 22, 2010

CodeSlinger says


Indeed. They are thumbing their noses at us.

So… whose boot would you like in your face?

The global warming apparatchiks, or the homeland security commissars?

The totalitarians, or the fascists?

See, this is a democracy. You have choices…

As I keep saying:

It’s not Left versus Right.

It’s the System. Versus You.

— September 23, 2010

CodeSlinger says


Sixty percent of Canadians support the long gun registry?

That number must come from the same bunch of liars who determined that 98 percent of Canadian women are victims of sexual abuse.

If egregious falsehoods like these weren’t being used to justify stripping Canadians of their rights and treating them like chattel, they would be comical.

Outside of the plutocracy, the civil service, and the media, virtually no one wants a gun registry.

Real Canadians want their rights back!

— September 23, 2010

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