Free Ain’t Cheap!

Dave Killion — October 13, 2010

In a recent post, Paul Willcocks writes about the huge amounts of electricity stolen from BC Hydro for grow ops.  Have a look in his comments to see me explain to another commenter how re-legalization and the free market will make that “free” electricity too expensive to bother with!

Here’s a sample from my comment –

Were it not for the artificially high price of marijuana, such operations would be unaffordable. If that were not the case, folks could make lots of money by stealing electricity for tomato grow-ops.


David C says

From Willcocks post: “The Baltimore Sun has noticed B.C. Hydro’s estimated that $100 million worth of electricity is being stolen each year for grow ops. ” Wow. $100 mil?!?!?? That’s a shame. We not only have to spend all these tax dollars on extra policing for the non-violent crime of growing and smoking marijuana but ALSO for the growers thieving ways.

— October 14, 2010

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