Top 10 Libertarian Articles this Week

David — November 1, 2010

  1. More Democracy, More Incarceration

    America’s prison population has grown too large.

  2. The World of Salamanca

    How the medieval world has influenced our current economic thought.

  3. A Movie That Gets It Right

    A Mises Institute review of the fantastic film The Social Network.

  4. Law and Appeals in a Free Society

    Robert Murphy takes an in depth look at how law and appeals would work in a private court system.

  5. A Grand Idea – Bringing Back the Grand Jury

    The Shotgun argues in favor of the Grand Jury.

  6. Bank Failures in Slow Motion

    Bank failures continue. Doug French argues that our current situation is worse than the S&L crisis and great depression.

  7. Caledonia and Mr Law and Order

    Stephen Harper has failed to be a fiscaly conservative reformer.

  8. Report: This Recession Tops the Great Depression

    60 Minutes clip about unemployment benefits being extended in the US.

  9. The Libertarian Pledge to America

    In contrast to the conservatives “Pledge to America”.

  10. Can Liberty Be Advanced Through Violence?

    Butler Shaffer offers up his opinion on this age old question.

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