Electing Not To Vote

Dave Killion — November 20, 2010

Between the recent US elections and today’s City of Victoria by-election, we’ve all been subjected to an annoying amount of ‘get-out-the-vote’ exhortations.  It pleases me to imagine that all the new voters they recruit come at the cost of existing voters who get so annoyed at this constant hectoring that they refuse to cast any further ballots until these nagging busy-bodies shut the hell up.  This might not be a fantasy enjoyed by many other people, but I cannot express the satisfaction it gives me.

There is no consensus amongst libertarians concerning voting, although I have a sense that most are opposed either on the grounds that the act may be mistaken or misrepresented as approval for the outcome, or because your vote makes literally no difference to the outcome.  Even so, I don’t know of any non-voting libertarian who would insist that any voting libertarian turn in his secret decoder ring.

I’m not opposed to voting, but no one got my vote in today’s election.  If someone had been truly deserving of support, then I would have cast a ballot, even if he or she hadn’t any hope of winning.  Sadly, these candidates are the same spoiled authoritarian apples you find in every political barrel.


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