Dave Killion — January 21, 2011

About a year ago one of the grocery chains here in Victoria quit giving consumers the option of choosing plastic grocery bags and started selling cloth bags with their logo on them, all in the name of various alleged environmental benefits.  I think it was kind of stupid for them to do that, but hey, it’s their business. I use plastic grocery bags to line my garbage cans, so when I get low, I drive a little further to a competitor’s store. Accordingly, the no-plastic-bag store has not only lost some of my custom, but the net environmental gain is probably negative.

Another benefit of banning plastic bags is supposed to be a decrease in litter, and I can’t deny the possibility that our highways may be cleaner.  But I can say for certain that today was the first time in my life I ever saw a cloth bag with a grocery store logo littering the highway median strip.  The irony is almost too much.

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