Isn’t Unprocessed Food Supposed to be Good?

Dave Killion — January 23, 2011

A B.C. dairy farmer is launching a constitutional challenge over the consumption and distribution of raw milk. It seems the B.C. provincial government feels that although people are free to kill and die for their country, drink and smoke to their hearts’ content, and take up cliff diving, they are somehow incapable of weighing the risks of consuming unlicensed and unpasteurized dairy products.

Of course, the government predicts all sorts of dire consequences for folks who drink raw milk, but do you ever see any comparisons between regulated and unregulated areas?

No. You never do.


CodeSlinger says


This is good news, but it doesn’t go far enough.

One has to ask, why is this fight limited to milk?

The idea that the state has the authority to decide what a private citizen ingests is morally wrong. It undermines the whole concept of a free and responsible adult.

Whose body do they think it is? Yours?

Or theirs?

— January 24, 2011

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