A Pale Kid is a Healthy Kid.

Dave Killion — January 25, 2011

Here in the Capitol Regional District, government continues to undermine the family. Most recently, the CRD has banned minors from using commercial tanning beds, parental discretion be damned.  If a kid is going on holiday in Mexico and Hawaii, it doesn’t matter if Mom and Dad agree that a few visits to a tanning booth can prevent a bad burn, he can’t go. If a kid would like to get a little colour before her graduation events, it doesn’t matter if that’s okay with the parents. She can’t.  If a kid gets the winter blahs, he can go to a salon, but if and only if he has a prescription. And if he’s got one, it doesn’t matter if the folks say no. Government is the ultimate parental authority.

Happily, parents can still let their children endanger life and limb at the local ski hill or mountain bike trail, and no matter how old they are, so long as they have a note from their parents, they can still get a tattoo. And of course, Mommy and Daddy can agree to begin his training to defend (and possibly die for) the state. But they cannot be trusted to decide on his commercial tanning regimen.  No sir.


CodeSlinger says


Yes. Destruction of the family unit is the name of the game.

Public schooling, socialized medicine and feminism are the three pillars on which that effort rests. That’s why the state supports them with laws and money.

The totalitarian collective wants every individual to cower naked, alone and weak before the power of the state.

— January 25, 2011

Ashley says

What about private tanning beds. Can a kid buy a bed? Can a kid rent a bed? Can a kid rent a formerly commercial tanning bed?

This stuff gets silly in a hurry, eh?

— August 29, 2013

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