Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work.

Dave Killion — January 28, 2011

Naturally, the Canadian government gives money to the Egyptian government, whether you like it or not. The amount hovers around $15 million a year. I’m sure it’s intended for humanitarian uses, but the trouble with government to government transfers is that every dollar the state saves on roads and schools is a dollar it can spend on its police and military. That’s something to think about while watching the Egyptian state kick the crap out of the Egyptian people.


CodeSlinger says


Indeed. This is a perfect example of why all taxation should be in the form of fixed, pre-approved items. That is, each person’s tax bill should consist only of items, each of which contributes a fixed amount, for a fixed purpose, billed to a fixed subset of the population, over a fixed period of time, pre-approved by public referendum of those who will be billed if it passes, and subject to cancellation by public referendum of the same segment of the population.

Such a change would sharply reduce the power of the state and dramatically enhance the freedom and prosperity of the people. Of course, a change of that kind will never happen unless the people of Canada have the courage to stand up and demand it.

Like the people of Egypt.

— January 29, 2011

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