Check Your Premises.

Dave Killion — February 2, 2011

Some folks have pretty peculiar notions about morality.

Philip Pullman, author of such works as “The Golden Compass”, recently gave a speech defending public libraries in Oxfordshire, England. The whole thing is an entertaining, frothing-at-the-mouth mess that dismisses voluntarism and frets that ‘market fundamentalists’ are like greedy ghosts who desire to let the market determine value, “never mind the human consequences, never mind the social cost, never mind the terrible damage to the fabric of everything decent and humane.” Mr. Pullman seems to recognize neither the contradiction between railing against greed while defending the practice of snatching other peoples’ money against their will, nor the damage that said practice itself inflicts on the social fabric.

In a similar vein, John Stossel debates the minimum wage with the Economic Policy Institute’s Christian Dorsey, and around the 3:30 mark Stossel jokes that the studies he references are better than the studies Dorsey cites. ¬†Dorsey responds that his (Dorsey’s) VALUES are better. Since Dorsey’s values include using the threat of violence to prohibit poor people from negotiating whatever wage they are willing to take for a job they want, I think his assertion is, to say the least, questionable.

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