A Milestone

Dave Killion — March 22, 2011

I am pleased to find out that yesterday’s post was the Victoria Libertarian Book Club’s 100th. Although we still have a small audience, we have watched it grow steadily, and we know that there are people who visit regularly because they value the libertarian perspective we bring to issues that the mainstream media portray from a primarily Team Red/Team Blue perspective.

Thanks to those who have offered some valuable criticism, and to those who have shared this site with others. Please keep doing both. It is my personal hope that some other members of our group will begin contributing posts so that all of you can benefit from their insight the way that I have.


David C says

Congrats Dave. You have done a great job bringing this blog to life. I read all of your posts with interest.

My goal is to start posting once a week. Give me heck at meetings if I don’t.

— March 22, 2011

G says


— March 24, 2011

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