Let There Be Light

Dave Killion — March 25, 2011

I cannot tell you what most libertarians will be doing at 8:30 PM, 26 March 2011, but you may be assured that precious few of them will be turning out their lights and sitting in the dark in recognition of Earth Hour.

Being not only environmentally but also economically aware, libertarians recognize that advancements in science and technology are blessings that should not be rejected, but rather spread to all peoples so that we may drive away disease, ignorance, and hunger. Where market forces are permitted to function without interference, conservation and maximization of resources are the rule. Although increasing wealth may initially cause environmental degradation, affluence ultimately makes affordable the costly good of maintaining a clean environment. In light of this, I hope you will join me in declining to participate in Earth Hour, and in electing to celebrate Human Achievement Hour:


David Bratzer says

Here’s a great video about energy. It’s focused on the relationship between energy policy and women’s lib, but really it could be applied to any area of human progress:


— March 26, 2011

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