Religion And Liberty

Dave Killion — April 7, 2011

Although I am not a believer in the supernatural, I was raised in the Catholic Church and attended mass regularly until I finished high school. As a result, hearing things like the Lord’s Prayer or the Nicene Creed provokes a type of Pavlovian response from me. I am entirely comfortable with this because I think that the great majority of Catholic dogma is perfectly in keeping with libertarianism. No one understands this better than the good people at The Acton Institute. I encourage you to spend some time at their site, and see what they have to say about charity, entrepreneurship, and environmental stewardship. On this last issue, I am particularly touched by their statement of┬áconcerns, beliefs, and aspirations known as The Cornwall Declaration. Here is a taste –

“Many people mistakenly view humans as principally consumers and polluters rather than producers and stewards. Consequently, they ignore our potential, as bearers of God’s image, to add to the earth’s abundance. The increasing realization of this potential has enabled people in societies blessed with an advanced economy not only to reduce pollution, while producing more of the goods and services responsible for the great improvements in the human condition, but also to alleviate the negative effects of much past pollution. A clean environment is a costly good; consequently, growing affluence, technological innovation, and the application of human and material capital are integral to environmental improvement. The tendency among some to oppose economic progress in the name of environmental stewardship is often sadly self-defeating.”

“Men and women were created in the image of God, given a privileged place among creatures, and commanded to exercise stewardship over the earth. Human persons are moral agents for whom freedom is an essential condition of responsible action. Sound environmental stewardship must attend both to the demands of human well being and to a divine call for human beings to exercise caring dominion over the earth. It affirms that human well being and the integrity of creation are not only compatible but also dynamically interdependent realities.”

The tone of the piece is so positive and inspirational that I am sure you will be moved.


David C says

I am a big fan of the Acton Institute. Love the quote!

— April 8, 2011

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