Rationally Optimistic

Dave Killion — April 8, 2011

We live in trying times, and it is all too easy to fall victim to pessimism bias. But despite the ceaseless media messages of doom and gloom, author Matt Ridley (“The Rational Optimist“) wants you to know there has never been a better time to be alive

“The average citizen of earth is wealthier, healthier, wiser, cleaner, cleverer, kinder, more peaceful, more equal, freer and happier than ever before.

Average lifespan is increasing across the globe at the rate of five hours per day. Child mortality has fallen by two thirds in 50 years.

IQ scores are rising all around the world.

London’s air and Britain’s rivers have never been so free of pollution.

Charitable donations are at unprecedented levels.

The last decade saw the lowest number of deaths in war since 1945 worldwide.

Inequality is falling as poor countries such as India, Brazil and Botswana get rich faster than rich countries such as Britain, America and Japan.

Freedom is on the march – the Russian empire fell, the Chinese liberalised, South American juntas collapsed, Arab despots are toppling.”

Enjoy the article. It’s well worth reading in full.

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