Preferred Outcomes.

Dave Killion — April 11, 2011

Here’s a letter to the Times Colonist:

You report that, in the wake of  a recent sex assault, police have issued several warnings to women advising them how to avoid becoming a victim of similar attacks (“Details sketchy in sex assault by men in vehicle.” March 29).

Women would be wise to follow this advice since, as we see in this case, the police cannot protect them from assault and in fact, may well be unable to bring the perpetrators to justice. Sadly, what the police do not advise is that women may wish to consider becoming proficient in the use of a firearm, and carrying one for self-defense. Indeed, they cannot, as we in Canada have decided that a society in which a woman must beware travelling alone or in poorly lit areas is superior to one in which she is permitted to fully exercise her natural right to protect herself.

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