Rocky Roads

Dave Killion — April 12, 2011

Anyone interested in discussion concerning issues in Victoria, as well as British Columbia, Canada, and international events might want to visit Vibrant Victoria. The quality of the comments is pretty haphazard, but it is the only thing of its type available and so some might find it valuable. I visit it mostly to spread the message, since the libertarian presence is underrepresented and goodness knows the authoritarian nonsense is as prevalent there as anywhere. For example –

It was revealed in a recent thread that the City of Victoria prohibits gravel driveways. A number of posters expressed surprise the City would concern itself with such a thing, and argued in favour of a dramatic reduction in unneeded and ineffective by-laws. And then it came:

Removing the bylaw is fine, until suddenly some construction project or somebody’s driveway starts spitting gravel all over the sidewalk and the road and they have no way to deal with it.

No way to deal with it other than criminalizing gravel driveways? How about a fine for littering? How about someone who gets chipped paint or a cracked windshield turns his insurance company loose on the driveway owner? How about the neighbours exert a little peer pressure on the guy to sweep up now and again?

And how about considering that when people hurt themselves and others with cars, drugs, pit bulls, liquor, Happy Meals, gravel driveways, and other things, it might be better to look for a way of dealing with the hurt other than banning those things for everyone else!

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