Resolution Revisited

Dave Killion — April 16, 2011

I had a good deal of success with my New Year’s Resolution in the early weeks, rejecting pennies everywhere I went. Despite the contention of one of our commentators, vendors would often round up to the nearest nickel rather than withholding more than three cents change, and I was making my statement at nearly no cost to myself. But recently it came to my attention that although recently minted coins rip off the taxpayer, there are lots of Canadian and US pennies and nickels circulating with a metal content that exceeds the face value of the coin.

This being the case, I have learned which dates to look for, and now I have fun sorting my change looking for 3¢ pennies and 12¢ nickels to collect. It’s also been a good opportunity to engage people in conversations about Gresham’s Law and inflation. Who knew being a libertarian could pay off in so many ways!



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