On the Wrong Road

Dave Killion — April 18, 2011

James Legh, who I am pleased to say is a friendly acquaintance of mine, has a new post up at his blog ‘Amalgamate Greater Victoria‘. Unfortunately for him, those who are opposed to amalgamation (like me) aren’t going to be swayed by his latest argument –

“In the case of one road between Central Saanich and Saanich, trucks over 5500 kilograms can drive up to the boarder in Central Saanich, but cannot drive along the same road once it reaches Saanich…

Why should Saanich care? It will cost money to make any changes and simply benefit a neighboring municipality.”

What the pro-amalgamation bunch overlooks here is very much what they always overlook – the problem exists not just because the road runs through more than one municipality, but also because the municipalities own the road! True, amalgamation would likely create a uniform regulation of the road, but it would do nothing to correct the more serious problem of benefits accruing principally to the road users while the costs are borne by taxpayers. If the road was privately owned, neither problem would exist. So why endorse a half-solution like amalgamation?


G says

It would be interesting to see someone list out the perceived pros and cons – of amalgamation vs the pros and cons of privatization. Consideration of multiple proposed solutions is a better approach to improving identified problems.

— April 18, 2011

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