Mainstream Disconnect?

G — April 19, 2011

Moseying on over to rotten tomatoes to see the latest movie review ratings for Atlas Shrugged Part I, one will notice an interesting spectacle.

At time of visiting, only seven percent of newspaper and mainstream film reviewers (of 28) ‘liked’ the new movie.  Now, it may be that it is an exceptionally bad movie except for the startling fact that eighty-five percent of regular movie-goers (of 7,431) ‘liked’ the movie.

This is a huge disconnect.

The question is, who is showing their feathers of bias?  Audience film goers or film critics from ‘accepted’ sources?



David C says

G: Crazy!! Can’t believe the disparity is so large. Dem liberal progressive film critics!!

— April 21, 2011

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