Chilling Free Speech in Canada

Dave Killion — April 22, 2011

The Vancouver Sun reports that a Toronto comedian has been ordered to pay $15,000 to a lesbian who was subjected to a barrage of sexual insults from him during his show. The owner of the restaurant at which he was performing must pay an additional $7,500. From the article –

“In his ruling, (B.C. Human Rights Tribunal) member Murray Geiger-Adams said Earle repeated vulgar language in public and attacked Pardy’s identity and dignity as a woman and a lesbian.”

Oh no! Not her identity AND her dignity! Look, Canada is a great country, and I am happy and grateful that I was permitted to make a life here, but these Human Rights Tribunals and the limitations on free speech are a disgrace and a blight on Canada’s reputation as a civilized nation. I hope that if this poor guy can’t get the ruling overturned, then he is able to parlay this travesty into a big fat career as a defiant rebel who refuses to let The Man dictate what he can or cannot say.


David C says

This is UNBELIEVABLE. What have we come to? :(

— April 23, 2011

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