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David — April 25, 2011

Martin MasseGreat Canadian Libertarians: Part 1 in a series raising awareness of libertarians in Canada. To kick off this series I profile Martin Masse, a Quebec based libertarian and publisher.

Martin Masse is the founder and publisher of the Quebec based publication Le Québécois Libre which has become the leading libertarian voice in the French speaking world. Le Québécois Libre has been published since 1998 and although its initial focus and readership was on libertarian issues as they relate to Quebec its geographic sphere of influence has since grown to include all of North America and Europe.

Mr. Masse recently served as political advisor to the former Canadian Industry Minister Maxime Bernier from 2006-2007. Mr. Bernier may be the only politician vocally in favor of giving Canada’s money supply a sound basis. Martin now works as an independent public policy consultant.

I can remember coming across Mr. Masse’s site for the first time in the early 2000’s. I was linked to it by I was so proud to see that a Canadian was running an online libertarian publication. Mr. Masse is one of the inspirations for the Libertarian Book Club blog.

Over the course of Martin’s career he has published some excellent articles. Below are a few of my favorites:

Martin has done an outstanding job in the service of liberty. Thank you for all your hard work Mr. Masse.

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