Getting Schooled

Dave Killion — May 2, 2011

This video (25:00), combined with evidence from other sources, reinforces my belief that the world is on the brink of a revolution in education. The cost of state-controlled schooling has risen all out of proportion to productivity, and technological advances are such that it is increasingly easy and inexpensive for parents to provide a home-based education that is far superior to the government alternative. I think these factors, combined with parental unrest and increasing global competition, are going to break the back of state schooling. I am very sorry to see little interest in this issue in Canada because the provision of education is a tremendous market, and those nations that are early adopters stand a good chance of establishing strong positions in the marketplace.

Along with the improved quality and lower costs that always attend competitive markets, I would also be particularly pleased to see an end to the pro-state, liberal bias I have found attendant to the government schooling all my children endured.

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