Electoral Results In – Canadians Lose

Dave Killion — May 3, 2011

Yesterday’s federal election has ended with just a bit over 60% of eligible voters turning out, and less than 40% of those voters handing a majority government to the incumbent Conservative Party. Thanks to the democratic process, politicians preferred by less than 25% of the population now have several years to do to us pretty much whatever they like, on the grounds that they have our consent. My fellow mice assure me that these black cats will act with restraint, since they know that if they don’t, we will replace them with white cats during the next election.


The election results demonstrate an increased polarization of Canada, as voters who abandoned the separatist Bloc Quebecois (light blue) and the center left Liberals (red) swung to either the center right Conservatives (blue) or the social-democratic NDP (orange). ¬†Particularly note worthy is the election in our area of Canada’s first Green Party MP, Elizabeth May. Since I have never met a Green Party member who could explain the Tragedy of the Commons, nor had the first idea of the importance of property rights and privatization in the stewardship of the ecology, nor understood basic economics, I don’t see this as a real victory for the environment. However, if you are an autocratic wannabe then you can take some comfort from the fact that advocating for restrictions on free speech is apparently no barrier to getting elected in Canada.


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