Stop Making Census

Dave Killion — May 4, 2011

Every month, my household receives The Burnside Gorge Community News from The Burnside Gorge Community Association. A quick look at the financial statement of this local non-profit reveals that well over half their budget comes from the government, which insures much of the newsletter is pro-state propaganda. This month’s example? “Census helps government plan community services“. From the article –

The answers you provide on the census are used by your community to plan services such as schools, seniors housing, health care, daycare, police services and fire protection. These services are important to every one of us.

The article goes on to explain that the information we provide is secure, and completed forms are seen only by StatsCan employees. How comforting. What they don’t explain is how grocers, banks, clothing stores, department stores, furniture stores, and car manufacturers manage to also provide us with services that are important to every one of us, yet don’t have to resort to threats or guilt trips to do so –

Completing the census is both a civic responsibility and a legal requirement for all people living in Canada.”

The Census – an idea so good it has to be forced on people!

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David C says

“The Census – an idea so good it has to be forced on people!” That line pretty much sums it up Dave. When I looked at the Census that came in my mail box recently I noticed that it says right on the front something like “Complete the Census – its the law.” And to that I say an unjust law is no law at all!

— May 5, 2011

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