On the Importance of Voting

Dave Killion — May 6, 2011

From the invaluable Ludwig von Mises Institute comes this very enjoyable article on Canada’s recent federal election, and the incredible rise of the New Democratic Party at the expense of the Liberals –

“In the post-election haze, the storyline of the NDP’s Québec victory has turned to the strange collection of new Members of Parliament swept into office. Chief among them is Ruth-Ellen Brosseau, the MP-elect for a French-speaking district outside Montreal. Brosseau doesn’t speak French. She doesn’t even live in Québec. Nor did she make any effort to actually campaign in support of her own election. Apparently, she never even set foot in the district or made a single public statement during the six-week election campaign. Nevertheless, she defeated the incumbent Bloc MP by more than 10 percentage points.

Miss Brosseau hasn’t appeared in public or spoken since her victory. The only confirmation of her existencecomes from her father — who spoke to a reporter before he was quietly hushed by NDP officials — and her boss at the Ottawa college bar where she works as an assistant manager. The boss said he didn’t even know she was a candidate in the election.

This is the certainly the most comical indictment of democracy I’ve seen in quite some time.”

I’m not sure if Miss Brosseau is going to be any good at her new job, seeing as how she didn’t appear to be seriously interested in winning it, but I promise you she will not refuse a dime of the $628, 000 she will receive over her expected four-year-term.


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