Mother’s Day

Dave Killion — May 8, 2011

There has been a recent addition to the Victoria Libertarian Book Club family in the form of a healthy baby girl born to one of our members, and his family has just enjoyed their first Mother’s Day as more than a couple. Having long ago dismissed Mathusian and neo-Malthusian hysteria, libertarians greet the arrival of another member of the population with delight, particularly those born into a libertarian environment. This particular young lady has been luckier than she may ever come to realize, being born to sensible people void of the self-deceit indulged in by statists. Her parents will provide her a counterweight against the pro-authoritarian nonsense she will be surrounded by in school and in the media, and her future as a successful, self-confident women is practically assured. I am just about at the end of a path on which this family is only starting, and it gives me no end of pleasure to think that one day their daughter will give them a drawing of the three of them holding hands outside their house, lemon-yellow sun in the corner, and a rainbow over the whole landscape. If they are like us, it will adorn their fridge for a long time.

As a veteran parent, I will indulge in my unearned prerogative to offer unsolicited advice to the new parents. It is this – familiarize yourselves with the work of George Mason University economist Bryan Caplan and his book “Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids: Why Being a Great Parent is Less Work and More Fun Than You Think“. Caplan’s investigation into twin and adoption research has revealed that the extra time and money invested in a child’s upbringing is less important than the child’s genetics. The details are all in the book, but the upshot is that parents can worry a lot less about molding the kids and the kids will still turn out just fine. Follow Caplan’s advice, and raising a family will be so much more fun and fulfilling that you will likely find that having more kids than you first thought you wanted will actually make your life better rather than worse.


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