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Dave Killion — May 10, 2011

Adam versus the manWhen consumers demand more of something, the market (absent government impediment) will supply it. One may therefore accept as evidence of the growing appeal of libertarianism the broadcast of yet another new talk show with a libertarian theme –


Host Adam Kokesh brings his experience as an anti-war US Marine combat veteran and a former candidate for US Congress to his own TV show on Russia Today called “Adam vs The Man.” Airing weeknights at 7pm EST, Adam takes on “The Man,” discussing politics and life with a focus on the future of America’s youth in this welfare and warfare state.

…Adam has made an appeal to the millennial generation, younger people like himself, who see where this country is headed if we don’t change course. He discusses angles of current events that the mainstream media doesn’t, and exposes the immorality of government initiatives that politicians won’t. Most importantly, Adam aims to demonstrate how to live as if you were completely free and government didn’t exist.”

Kokesh joins the Fox Network’s “Freedom Watch” and “Stossel” in presenting the arguments favouring freedom in economic AND personal matters to a world thirsty for knowledge. Although “Adam vs The Man” is a little rough around the edges, the host is articulate, impassioned, and consistent. I recommend all three of these programs not only to fellow libertarians, but even more so to our acquaintances on the left and right.

BONUS! Visit Youtube to see all the episodes you’ve missed so far.

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