Rum Runner

Dave Killion — May 14, 2011

The Canadian Press reports that on Friday, radio host Terry David Mulligan carried out his previously announced intention to violate the federal Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act of 1928, by carrying a few bottles of British Columbia wine and beer across the BC/Alberta border. You will be relieved as I was that the state declined to rough-up, cage, and seize the property of the 68-year-old bootlegger, choosing instead to subject all of us to pronouncements from state-approved mouthpieces. For your convenience, I have translated them from Politispeakā„¢ into plain ol’ English. First up – Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commision spokesperson Lynn Hutchings-Mah –

We’re not after the person who goes to B.C. and brings back some wine for their personal use. Our concern is if a business wants to do business in Alberta compete with Alberta businesses, we want them to do it legally to kneecap them.”

We’re saying to the wineries if you Alberta consumers want your product in Alberta, you can bring it in too bad. Just do it through It will be too expensive after you go through all the legal channels.”

Next –

“This is a planned event by an individual and we have no intention of being at the border to participate doing anything to him while people are looking,” said RCMP Sgt. Patrick Webb.

“He’s an individual who wants to make a point. Is there a public interestĀ in vote to be gained by pursuing this investigation or is it not in the public’s any public official’s interest to do it? That’s what our consideration is.”

Good on T.D. Mulligan for taking this risk. Government shouldn’t be allowed to violate the rights of Canadians to trade freely with one another.

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