Pack Your Trunks

Dave Killion — May 15, 2011

The National Post reports¬†on the controversy¬†at the Toronto Zoo surrounding the relocation of their three aging elephants. From the article –

Ultimately, the Toronto Zoo can no longer afford to have [the elephants]. The zoo has never shown it can raise this money, we don’t have it, and the city won’t give it to us,” Councillor Josh Colle, a member of the Zoo board, said on Thursday. “We have to look at this as an opportunity. We have to reinvent ourselves. We have to be meaningful to more Torontonians.

The zoo receives nearly 25% of it’s funding from local government, so what should have been a decision considering satisfying the desires of people who love the zoo and its animals is needlessly complicated by the involvement of city councillors. Since libertarians don’t object to limited government, I can entertain arguments for government provision of cops and soldiers, but I’m sorry to see no one cited in the article wondering why we have state provision of elephants. Worse still, no one has pointed out that due to the displacement effect of government provided institutions, in Toronto you get government elephants, or you get no elephants at all.


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