Strange Bedfellows

Dave Killion — May 16, 2011

Here’s a letter to the Vancouver Sun

In response to your May 12th article “Seven men arrested after Chilliwack report of shots fired“, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the RCMP on behalf of those who are grateful for the work of the police, but who are prevented by circumstance from speaking themselves; other drug dealers.

Although the capture of these seven individuals reminds other drug dealers of the potential risks involved in supplying illegal substances, the absence of them and their product creates a market opportunity for both remaining suppliers and aspirants who had previously found the barriers to entry too high to overcome. As this bust has done nothing to decrease demand, the lower availability of distributors and drugs means higher profits. Typically, dealers wishing to increase market share must risk their own lives and resources in order to drive out competition, but in this case the costs are borne entirely by the cops and the taxpayers. It is harder to imagine a sweeter set up.

So to all you drug warriors out there, rest assured that no matter what anyone else thinks, drug dealers will always be grateful for your sacrifice. Without you, none of this would be possible.


Todd Kuipers says

Hi Dave – wanted to say thanks for the post, and to let you know I regularly forward them around to folks in Calgary (and beyond). You’ve got a way of writing that nicely evokes Don Boudreax.

Much appreciated.

— May 17, 2011

Dave Killion says

Todd – Don Boudreaux is a real hero of mine, and I can hardly imagine a more flattering comparison. Thanks so much.

— May 17, 2011

G says

So true – This is your best commentary yet!

— May 17, 2011

Todd Kuipers says

Dave – that’s quite funny. If you ever think of doing something real with, let me know…

— May 19, 2011

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