Dave Killion — May 20, 2011

I often hear or read expressions like ‘hard-right libertarian’ or ‘ultra-right-wing libertarian’, and man, I do. Not. Like it!┬áLibertarians support gay marriage, prostitution, freedom of association, and drug decriminalization. We oppose censorship, national ID, and conscription. You cannot be a right-winnger and endorse these views. That aside, there is no question that both the right and left view libertarians as being in the Conservative/Republican/Right Wing camp. Why?

There are two reasons, I think. First of all, the left HATES libertarians, probably even more than they hate the right. I’m not clear why, but I wonder if they worry libertarian ideology may be more threatening to their world view than is right-wing ideology. The second is gun control. The left is supposed to be about personal freedom, the right about economic freedom. But the right opposes gun-control, which is a social issue. I can’t think of an economic control to which the left is opposed. That means the right is, in theory, the party more supportive of freedom. And that means if a libertarians feel they have to choose between Team Red and Team Blue, Team Red gets the nod. Right? Correct?


Shirley Sloan says

Red and blue aside….we know that know libertarian can ever be pink.

— May 22, 2011

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