Good Riddance

Dave Killion — May 22, 2011

The National Post reports some good news

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government will move quickly to cut public funding to its political opponents by moving to end the pervote party subsidy in its June budget…”

Here in Canada political parties receive $2 each year for every vote they have received in the last federal election. This means that those of us who decline or refuse to support any political party at the ballot box are forced to hand money over for promoting political views to which they may be entirely opposed. It is hard to imagine a more venal practice, and yet some folks will torture logic to try and defend it –

Democracy Watch co-ordinator Duff Conacher said… Canadians have never paid to support a party for which they didn’t vote.

When you vote, that $2 goes to that party and everyone pays more than $2 in taxes a year,” he said.

The logic-challenged Mr. Conacher seems to imagine that if the subsidy is ended, people who vote will get a $2 per year tax refund that non-voters won’t. Sorry Duff, it doesn’t work like that. The Prime Minister has it right –

Taxpayers shouldn’t have to support political parties that they don’t support,” (Stephen Harper) said.

I’m looking forward to seeing this come to fruition, and chalking one up for liberty.


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