The End of Unfair Fares

Dave Killion — May 30, 2011

Todd Kuipers blogs over at Calgary Libertarian, where he has shared his thoughts on a recent paper concerning the end of taxi regulation.  The paper suggests that the rise of GPS-enabled smartphones is going to dismantle the government-protected taxi monopoly, and Kuipers is just fine with that –

Given how deeply in bed taxi company owners are in bed (sic) with the regulators that are supposed to “serve the market” it might be a while before regulations change.  But, if we can route around them, we might establish a bit more freedom for Calgarians.

Not just a bit more, I think, and not just Calgarians. The same technology that helps destroy the taxi cartel will also enable private sector commuter vans, both of which will put enormous competitive pressure on public sector mass transit in urban areas all over North America. If you have an iPhone, I recommend you head on over to the Avego website, where you can download a free ride share app that works for both passengers and drivers. If you have any sort of smartphone whatsoever, you can use the same app, but only as a passenger. I believe this is the first of many attacks technology will be mounting against government and its cronies, and people are going to make use of it not because they care about liberty, but simply because it’s in their self-interest. Please spread the word.


JM says

Wow, great post. I hope technology like this will be able to free people to find the best commuting alternatives for themselves rather than rely on monopolistic industries or governments to solve everyone’s problems.

— May 31, 2011

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