What They Believe

Dave Killion — May 31, 2011

Bill Whittle is a conservative pundit probably best known for hosting Afterburner with Bill Whittle over at PJTV. He has put together a series of 7 short videos outlining what they call “the basics of Tea Party Conservatism“. The series is called “What We Believe”, and I have posted the first one here. You can find the remainder on his Youtube channel along with even more of his material.


Most of this material is very libertarian-y, but don’t anybody go mistaking libertarians for Tea Party conservatives. Whittle doesn’t discuss drug legalization, gay rights, prostitution, and a host of other social issues where we likely differ, and his clip on immigration left me wondering if he had used up all his logic and intelligence on the other six videos. All the same, this is a particularly valuable aid to my left-wing acquaintances who aren’t inclined to join their compatriots in dismissing Tea Partiers as a bunch of ignorant racists.

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