Update And Invitation

Dave Killion — June 3, 2011

The recent creation of a libertarian book club in Vancouver has brought about some changes here at the blog. You’ll see the logo has been altered to remove Victoria from the name, in anticipation of the contributions we hope to see from the members of our sister organization. There are also a couple buttons at the top right linking to the Meetup pages for both groups, for those interested in joining us.

And for those who would like to join us but are too far away, I hope you will consider starting a libertarian book club in your own city. Just head over to Meetup.com and start a group of your own. There’s nothing stopping anyone from taking our logo and pasting in the name Edmonton, or Fort Worth, or Miami, or any other place where there are people who want to enjoy the company of fellow freedom lovers. Who knows what order will spontaneously arise from this decentralized, bottom-up effort! Give it some thought, and if anyone decides to give it a try, let us know so we can help spread the word.

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