Postal Strikeout

Dave Killion — June 9, 2011

The BC Iconoclast writes very sensibly about the postal strike;

CUPW is playing with fire. There is no reason the government could not sell Canada Post at the moment. The trend globally is for governments to end the monopolies of postal services. A number of countries are considering selling their post company, the leader of the pack being the United Kingdom. With a majority in Ottawa, there is really no reason the government could not take the plunge and end the monopoly and sell off Canada Post.

No kidding. I know public sector unions don’t have a realistic understanding of how the public feel about them, but this looks to me like a double order of foolish with a side of reckless. If this starts to become a real inconvenience for people, I think CUPW is going to get a hard kick in the private sector. CUPW better wake up to the fact that our tax dollars don’t exist to keep public sector unions happy.


Phillip Beynon says

If this service cannot stand alove, it has no need to exist.

— June 15, 2011

Ms. Killion says

Every day my replacement drivers license AND credit card don’t show up in the mail and I have to listen to my bus driver cheerfully beep his (OUR) horn at those whiner-babies, I want to get off my bus early so I can grab their signs from their stupid hands and whack them with it, then spin around flailing the sign so that it his anybody that gets close to me. I’ll just keep spinning and laughing till the police come to taser me in to submission. Sorry dorks, you wont be able to identify my pathetic writhing body because I haven’t got any ID on me! It;s still in the mail! AHHHAHAHAAA

— June 28, 2011

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