Dave Killion — June 13, 2011

The Volokh Conspiracy recently created a stir in the libertarian blogosphere by discussing whether or not Gary Johnson is a better candidate for the Republican Presidential nominee than is Ron Paul.

Realistically, neither Johnson nor Paul has a strong chance of actually winning the GOP nomination. But if his campaign gets off the ground, Johnson will have better odds than Paul does because he’s more appealing to voters and the media, and less hated by the GOP establishment. More importantly, he’s certainly a far superior libertarian protest candidate and public face for the movement. The chance that either candidate can win the presidency in 2012 is remote. But Johnson is the one more likely to serve as an effective spokesman for libertarianism, adding new supporters without unnecessarily alienating people.”

It’s good stuff, and I’m much more optimistic about both candidates chances than are the author. After all, who would have thought 8 years ago we would be arguing over who the best choice was between two libertarian hopefuls?

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