Is Lying Down Still Okay?

Dave Killion — June 14, 2011

If you’re like me, then you’ve seen this infographic so many times that you could recite it from memory, except that since you’re like me you haven’t read it all the way through each time you’ve seen it. Even so, you understand it well enough to know this – if you stop moving, you are going to die. And all this time you thought it was the booze that was going to do you in…

Since average life expectancies are increasing everywhere, I’m not about to get the vapours over this latest threat, except that I know if some politicians can gin up sufficient hysteria`over this issue that they can generate some political capital out of it, they’re going to. And that will cause a whole different kind of pain in your ass.

So let’s not let that happen. If any of the sainted geniuses running our lives start trying to make a fuss over this, ask them this – if they think sitting is so bad, how do they justify forcing us to pay for schools where children are made to sit for hours and hours, day after day? With any luck, that might just get them to go make trouble somewhere else.


David C says

Interesting that you should blog about this as I have been hearing a ton lately on the ills of sitting and the benefits of standing desks.

— June 15, 2011

David C says

Your blog post pushed me over the edge Dave. I am in the process of asking my company to get me a standing desk right now.


— June 15, 2011

David C says

Looking for an adjustable height desk? Check these out ->

— June 16, 2011

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