Big Losers

Dave Killion — June 15, 2011

Lose a hockey game, and there’s rioting in the streets. But implement policies that discourage Canadians from investing in agriculture at a time when global demand for food is rising and what’s the reaction? Meh

“As a result of rising population and wealth, global demand for food is soaring and the world faces a food crisis unlike anything seen since the 1970s if food production does not grow rapidly. Canada is among the very few nations with the capacity to dramatically boost production. But we’re not. In fact, Canadian agriculture is stagnant. And politicians will not even discuss how we can change that.”

I understand there are all kinds of tribal reflexes built in to human nature that make us a little irrational about team sports and all, but couldn’t we channel it into something a little more productive? How about this – Canada vs. New Zealand for global food dominance –

“Look at us,” Larry Martin suggests, “and look at New Zealand, sitting out there in the middle of the ocean, not close to anything.” In the world of food, New Zealand is a “superpower.” And yet, thanks to daring reforms in the 1980s, New Zealand’s farmers owe almost none of their income to government support. “You think, ‘if we could do even half of what they have done wouldn’t we be in great shape?’

Go Team Canada!

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David C says

Punks! I actually gave up my libertarianism for a bit yesterday as I so hoped the state would smash those criminals into the ground, and I am usually the first to point out corrupt police abuse.

— June 17, 2011

G says

Er, what? You gave up libertarianism, an approach-based philosophy for a bit?

— June 17, 2011

Ms. Killion says

to David C: I know, right? It killed me inside rooting for the cops but then I remembered that if they weren’t a bunch of useless twats, this might not have happened. I hav an idea, when you don’t think there’s going to be a riot but the thousands of potential rioters around you disagree… there might be reason to think up a game plan!

— June 28, 2011

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