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Dave Killion — June 18, 2011

I neglected to mention in yesterday’s post that “The Philosophy of Liberty” was originally the preface of Ken Schoolland‘s libertarian book “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible”. Here is the summary from the book’s website

“The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible tells the story of a boy who becomes shipwrecked on an unfamiliar island after being swept out to sea in a storm. Having previously lived in a relatively free society, in this new strange land he experiences culture shock as he learns learns of bewildering laws and traditions of the islands inhabitants. The story highlights the absurdities of the laws, the controls imposed on people‚Äôs lives, and the economic drawbacks of these laws.

The laws highlighted are recognizable as common to many countries throughout the world. As the story unfolds, the part individuals in society play in political decision-making and personal responsibility is introduced for discussion.”

Best of all, even though the book is available for purchase, there is a commentary edition available as a free pdf download. Although the book is aimed at young audiences, adults whom I know to have read it found it very enjoyable and illuminating.


David C says

This book sounds fantastic. I wonder if we shouldn’t consider reading this one next time…

— June 19, 2011

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