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Dave Killion — June 23, 2011

Over at the Lew Rockwell blog, Walter Block has some fun listing potential Supreme Court nominees (like Judge Andrew Napolitano)¬†from a Ron Paul presidential administration –

“Since I am not a lawyer by profession, I am not as aware as I might be about the libertarian qualifications of all the people I have mentioned. I shall leave this for others to sort out. There are several people I have mentioned who might not consider themselves libertarians.”

On the topic of things left unconsidered, it has been my position that if neither Ron Paul nor Gary Johnson win the Republican nomination, libertarians who choose to vote should probably vote to re-elect Barack Obama. My theory has been that the Republicans will likely increase their control of congress, and if we can’t get a libertarian President then I’d prefer a Democrat in the White House to induce gridlock. What I had forgotten was that there will likely be a couple of Supreme Court openings, and I don’t know if I want any more progressives on the highest court in the US. I’m curious to hear what the book club members have to say about this at our next meetup.


David says

A conundrum indeed Sir Killion.

— June 23, 2011

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