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Dave Killion — June 25, 2011

I am happy to share with you a new site that looks very promising; Freedom Forum

“A strictly non-partisan site,┬áis dedicated to promoting, defending and celebrating our economic, political and individual freedoms. Its aim is to offset the anti-market bias so prevalent among the mainstream media, political parties and special interest groups and to raise awareness about the moral underpinnings and principles of democratic capitalism and individual liberty. In short, this site is for Canadians who believe our country needs less government and more freedom.”

I haven’t had much time to delve into the site, but from my cursory review, I don’t find anything about abortions, immigration, marriage, or marijuana, so I think these folks are probably the equivalent of America’s Tea Party conservatives. That is, they are fiscal and social conservatives who are not speaking about their social preferences. I’m wary of a hidden agenda on the part of groups like this, but I’m glad to see another group advocating freedom on at least the economic level.


Todd Kuipers says

Gerry Nichols is fairly legit as a libertarian – you can read this column here:

— June 25, 2011

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