A Libertarian History of Canada

David — June 27, 2011

Michael McConkeyMichael McConkey is an author, educator, and writer for the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada. He has a Masters in Canadian history from Concordia and a Ph.D. from McGill and he currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

Dr. McConkey plans on writing a libertarian history of Canada but needs help funding the project. Such a history has never been written although there was a failed attempt made by George Woodcock. The history would be written in the style of Murray Rothbard. The following is an excerpt taken from Michael’s Prospectus (PDF):

“Free market libertarians who are ethical and consistent do not have access to the popular short cut of simply seizing the reins of state power and imposing their values on others. Consequently, the struggle for free markets and sovereign private property is above all a struggle of ideas. In Canada, where the state’s control over schooling is amplified by a major role by so‐called public broadcasting this challenge is especially acute. Indeed, in both academic and popular scholarship – from Donald Creighton to Pierre Berton – the idea of Canada as country and federal government being indistinguishable is pervasive. From the RCMP and the CBC; through the National Policy and the National Film Board; to the Canada Health Act, the idea of the Canadian state as nation builder has informed the country’s mythology. Amidst all this, there has never been a free market libertarian history of Canada. The closest thing was the work of George Woodcock, but he was a “libertarian socialist” – a fact frequently revealed in his analyses. There’s no evidence that Woodcock was fluent in economics or understood dynamic markets. In the struggle for ideas – hearts and minds – this is a major blind spot in Canada’s scholarly culture. This project to write a Libertarian History of Canada is an effort to fill that woeful gap in Canada’s intellectual culture.”

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Ms. Killion says

If this is a success, the next step could be to make a kids book or even a high school text book! Lord knows the ones we’ve got in the schools now are full of bias! Social studies? More like socialism studies! Amiright?

— June 27, 2011

David says

Ms. Killion: Agreed. Interesting that you mention children’s literature because I have often thought there is a sizable market both in Canada and the US for someone to make very simple, austrian economics based children books that creatively explain basic economics. It would be marketable to homeschoolers, libertarians & free market conservatives.

— June 27, 2011

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