Gary Johnson Interview

Dave Killion — July 5, 2011

Gary Johnson gets interviewed on The Alyona Show –

Being interviewed like this must be tough, and Johnson seems a little awkward in spots, particularly in Part 3. He makes an incoherent case for Republican control of government at around the 1:50 mark, and when Alyona asks if he would prosecute ‘Wall Street’ (3:10 mark), he doesn’t quash the notion as effectively as I would like. I worry that viewers may not have understood him to say that those who behaved badly but not criminally had been protected by government regulation from market punishment, and that there is no legal recourse to punish them in any other way. And of course I would have liked him to point out that the government has no business punishing ‘Wall Street’, but rather only those individuals and corporations that broke the law.

And if you’d like to earn some bonus Libertaripoints in future debates, pick one of the questions Alyona asks Johnson, and decide how YOU would have answered it.


David Bratzer says

He seems to cut her off a lot… that’s unnecessary during a long interview because you have so much time. It’s hard to “stay bright” during a lengthy (30 minute) interview like this, and towards the end of the interview it appears fatigue from the campaign may have been a factor.

— July 8, 2011

Kyle says

I honestly wish Johnson would gain more traction, but it seems as though Ron Paul has sucked all the libertarian oxygen up. I agree with the Davids though – he fades hard towards the end… “I would suggest that gridlock is better than what we have now, and I think what we have now is gridlock.” Oof. That said, that sentence still makes more sense than Paul’s goldbuggery.

— July 8, 2011

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