Palliative Care

Dave Killion — July 19, 2011


Boingboing points us toward this interesting Reuter’s report on an interesting bit of low-tech –

In many of the world’s poor neighborhoods, homes are built out of whatever materials people can get their hands on, often without windows or electricity. That means the buildings are awfully dark during the day, reducing quality of life, safety, and productivity.

But the situation can be improved with only a used soda bottle, some water, and some bleach. Check out this clever solution, developed by MIT and distributed by theĀ Liter of Light project.”

I get a kick out of clever things like this, but Appropriate Technology is really just addressing symptoms without curing the underlying disease. The poor don’t need windmills, solar ovens, or pop-bottle lighting near so much as they need liberty, secure property rights, and free trade.



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