Not As Worried As They Should Be

Dave Killion — July 23, 2011

Over at Paying Attention, Paul Willcocks directs our attention towards an editorial in the Times-Colonist –

“When provincial and territorial premiers meet in Vancouver this week, the events will be subsidized by business donors, commentator David Schreck notes.

Well, at least that means the taxpayer won’t have to cough up so much. But to every silver lining there must be a cloud –

“Corporations who choose not to pay up will wonder if that will be held against them, by the politicians or the conference organizers.

And ordinary citizens, or businesses that can’t pay, must worry that their concerns will come second to the interests of the corporations that donated.”

Buddy, you don’t know the half of it. Literally. Because ordinary libertarian citizens don’t just worry that our concerns come second to politically generous corporate interests, we worry that they will come second to politically generous teachers’ unions… and police unions… and public employee unions. But I guess some folks don’t find those groiups as scary as those big, bad corporations.


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