One Small Step For Libertarians

Dave Killion — July 24, 2011

I feel bad for the individuals who have lost their jobs, but on the whole this is good news

“An estimated 2,000 NASA workers were laid off Friday, one day after space shuttle Atlantis landed ending the program.”

I know this amounts to just a few grains of sand in the Sahara that is the US government, but perhaps this is the beginning of the end for direct public sector involvement in space flight. Naturally, not everyone is as pleased with this development as I am –

“The space shuttle is just now maturing to where it’s a great flight vehicle. And what are we doing with it? We’re scrapping it. We’re turning it into a museum,” said Steve Bishop, a former NASA worker.”

Not to worry, Mr. Bishop. For several years now the private sector has been making great strides into opening up space to everyone. I’m sure they’ll find use for an experienced man such as yourself. And we’ll all be better off for it.


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