Dave Killion — August 6, 2011



Projected readership for this blog, or zombie outbreak?

We recently broke the 300-visits-in-a-month barrier for the first time, which isn’t a lot, but I remember breaking the 200 visits barrier and wondered if we would ever see 300. My thanks to all of you for dropping in and spreading the word. And just so you know, we’re not content to just provide you with recycled news, we bring you cutting edge material. For example, remember this post on the decrease in absolute poverty? Well, here is the great Bill Whittle expanding on the topic – A WHOLE WEEK LATER!

And this post on an alleged decrease in food diversity? Well, it’s taken a whole month, but both Reason Magazine and The Volokh Conspiracy finally got around to covering it. Coincidence? You decide! In the meantime, please keep coming back, please feel free to comment, please send in requests and questions, and please spread the word. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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