The Wrong Questions

Dave Killion — August 7, 2011

Definitely had to register this one...

The recent election of a Conservative majority here in Canada has many firearms owners happy about the impending elimination of the expensive and controversial long-gun registry, expected sometime this fall. Over at the Vancouver Sun, Max Harrold examines what many consider the main concern

The looming question as MPs get set to haggle once again over the emotional long-gun registry issue is: Does it save lives?”

Apparently the answer is not clear, although Harrold cites a couple reports claiming the registry is associated with a reduction of firearm-related homicides and firearm-related suicides. Please note the use of the weasel-word ‘associated’, and┬áplease ┬ánote also that a reduction in firearm-related deaths is not the same as a reduction in total deaths. So, not very convincing. But the police like it! –

“Waterloo Regional police chief Matt Torigian explained how the long-gun registry is used on a regular basis. “We came across a crime scene recently with a man who was obviously deceased by gunshot and a long gun was at the scene. Because of the registry, we were able to trace the weapon to the person who had just sold it to the man who was deceased. We determined it was a suicide and the investigation stopped there” and saved valuable police time and resources.”

Note to Chief Torigian; violating the natural right of individuals to self-defense is not something decent people do for the sake of convenience. I know your job would be easier if it wasn’t for all these messy restrictions, but hey, no one ever said policing was going to be a walk in the park.

And another thing. It doesn’t matter if the long-gun registry saves lives. Locking everyone in cages would save lives. Lowering the speed limit to 10 MPH would save lives. Making people wear bike helmets when they shower would save lives. Saving lives isn’t the only criteria by which we decide things. So don’t let anyone distract you with the wrong questions.

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